Having a great experience
in Hotel and Tourism
management, I am sure
you will have a good time
when you visit Roatan
because  We understand
the word Service!!
One week, One Stop , One
great trip!!!
One Stop is all you need!!
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Discovery trip to Roatan.
Let the Search begin!!!!
"This is the last Affordable piece of
Caribbean. Live here for a fraction
of the cost." Sun , Sand , Fish,and
the generosity of the people
makes it "THE PLACE" to be!!
Thank you for visiting this page, If You are here , it is possibly because you are looking for a place
to get away from the snow, the cold or just have a place that you can visit and relax, and for this ,
there is no better place under the Sun than Roatan.

Our island is the largest of three mayor islands that forms the "Bay Islands of Honduras", there
are a lot of reasons why people visit the island , it can be to experience the first class diving in the
second largest barrier reef in the world; to enjoy the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea with its
powdery white sand; to join a Golf Club that offers magnificent views and amazing settings where
they can own a residence and have the greens as their back yard;Park their yachts in a first class
Marina that offers slips right in front of their one, two or three bedroom Villas;or just spend the day
on the Island on a Cruise Ship Stop.... No matter what the reason might be ,We are sure that you
will agree with our visitors"There is no place like Roatan" and you are going to love it here!!!
Our next trip to Roatan is yet to be determine , .
We are sorry to say that we have a limit of 30 people that
we can serve on this tour. If needed , we can plan for an
additional trip the following week.
If you have plans to visit the island and have booked a place
already , please contact us and we will be happy to show
you the island and its Real Estate opportunities and
combine your vacation with some exploration.
For travelling details please email us , we will send you a
detailed list of airlines options according to your city. Also, we
will give you a list of places where you can stay at a
discounted price.

Please let us know about your lifestyle , that way we can send
you information that is helpful to you.
We will be touring the Island of Roatan to find your perfect
location , this is going to be done in such a way that you are
able to experience the island , its People , its culture and its
If you have special needs , please let us know in advance so
we can make sure to deliver all you need to make this trip the
start of many good days on the island.

If travelling with kids, we have arranged for Baby Sitters, if you
have teens, we can set up activities for them to do(Jet skiing,
Zip lines, Quad Bike rentals , Snorkeling, horseback ridding,
Scuba diving .....

The island is very safe, so that is not a concern , you can
move around easily and without a problem. One main road
connects to all destinations on the Island , so , very difficult to
get lost here.

Well, we are waiting for your call or email , we can add your
name to our list and get to work on a fun trip to your future
Roatan, Bay islands of Honduras, Central America.

One Stop Roatan is suggesting the best way to get here
and best places to stay , and will not be held responsible
for any delays in flights , hotel services, or any other part of
the trip that could go wrong. We are here to assist you in
everything you need to find your perfect paradise Property.
When you write to us ,
please let us know the
  • Number of people
    in your party
  • City of origin for
    flight details
  • Your preferences in
    relation to the size
    of house or condo
    you would like to
  • Need of financing to
    purchase a property.
  • Are you looking to
    retire here