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We thank you for visiting “One Stop Roatan”. We offer you an expert team of
professionals that are happy to work to assure you the best results if you are
buying, selling , renting , building , transferring property , designing your dream
house or just looking in to Roatan as a future investment possibility.
One Stop Roatan Real Estate will also prepare a list of places where you can
spend a week , a month or a long term rental while you are on the island. We have ,
for sure , more than one service available for your needs. Because we know all that
it is involved when you are investing in another country , we make ourselves
available with the following:

Services We Provide:

  • Real Estate Legal Advisors
  • Surveyors
  • Representing Agents
  • Architects and Construction
  • Property Management
  • Honduras Real Estate Tours

Legal Advisors

Our team of professionals are here to assist you with all the tools you will need to
make your Real Estate purchase smooth and easy.
Ricardo Mena is your best choice to handle closing and registering your
property .If you are setting up a new business in Honduras, She is also available
for :
Honduran Residencies,
Tax free Status for your company
Environmental Licencing
Business registrations
Please contact us directly to :
011 504  24556345  or 011504 99825720


If you are doing :
  • Lot Surveying
  • Lot Elevations
  • Road Design and construction
  • Engineering consulting
Then we suggest  you give us a call or email us at :
Tel # 011504 99880511


One of the most valuable people for you when you are buying a lot and want to build
on it is no doubt an architect . Honduran Bar of Architects # 4160 Fernando Diaz and USA
Graduated as Master in Architecture Dassia Mejia are here to help you .

If you are doing one of these :
Residential Design
Residential Remodelling
Commercial Design
Please call or write to

Fernando Diaz at :Tel: 011504 24456345  
Dassia Mejia   at : Tel: 011504 99473220

Property Management

If you are looking at this section, it might be that you are seriously considering
purchasing a property on Roatan , or you have one already. Here is what we can do
for you
  • Lot clearing
  • Landscaping
  • House rentals
  • Property Tax and insurance payments
  • Tax reporting and corporation maintenance.

Call us 011504 24556345, 99473220
or email us at: